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Megan Wroe


Adding Joy into Everyday Routines

We set the intention of adding more joy to our lives at the beginning of this month, but the joy doesn’t stop just because January is ending! This week, we want to focus on incorporating joy into our routines so that we can keep it going all year long.  We asked around, and these are some favorite joyful additions that…
January 25, 2021

January Checking In

January Checking In  How are you doing? No really, how are you doing? We’re a bit over halfway through the first month of the year! After the magic of the new year and holidays have gone, we’re all checking in with ourselves to see how we’re doing.    If you’re doing great on your goals… Tell us, what’s working best…
January 19, 2021
Family meals, family recipesblogMeals

Family Meals

Family Meals Food is fuel, but food is also culture, connection, and comfort. Sharing meals with loved ones (even if it needs to be virtual right now) is a great way to add joy to your cooking routine.  These are three recipes that go great with good conversation and lots of love. The recipes are open for interpretation (as all…
January 12, 2021
oatmeal, recipes, oatmeal monthblogBreakfast

4 Sweet and Savory Oatmeal Recipes

Oatmeal The holidays are over, but a warm, comforting breakfast is exactly what we want on our menu! January is also National Oatmeal Month, so to celebrate we’ve pulled together 4 unique oatmeal recipes.  Oatmeal is a great, filling breakfast that’s high in fiber and can easily be jazzed up to your liking. If you try out any of the…
January 6, 2021
new year, wellness, resolutions, joyful januaryblog

Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year! The past year has been full of growth, reflection, and resilience. As we move into the new year, we are looking forward to finding ways to add joy into our lives.  Many resolutions heavily focus on cutting things out. While removing things and habits that no longer serve you certainly has a place, this year we want…
January 1, 2021

Good Mood Food

Our mood can be affected by many factors: stress, anxiety, genetics, mood disorders, nutritional deficiencies, and external factors such social distancing related to COVID-19. During this time it is especially important to be choosing nutrient-dense foods to: nourish our bodies, promote and maintain optimal health, and keep our immune systems as strong as possible. Did you know that research has…
April 23, 2020

How to Cook WITHOUT a Recipe

Do you feel bound to recipes? Or stuck on what to make for dinner if you don’t have exactly what your Pinterest recipe calls for? Do you have piles of saved recipes from magazines, cookbooks and food bloggers, but never actually make them? All of this is often because we don’t feel confident in the kitchen and all of those…
April 19, 2020

It’s Ok If You’re Not Happy All the Time

During the current COVD-19 quarantine, there are a lot of articles, posts and videos on the power of positivity and the importance of mindfulness. This is all amazing and backed by lots of research on how to sustain mental well-being. However, when these messages of happiness during a time of intense stress are flooding your ears and your inbox, it…
April 16, 2020

6 Tips to Keep Your Produce Lasting Longer

Tip#1 Store leafy greens in a container lined with paper towels. Paper towels will help absorb excess moisture that can cause spoilage, while the structured container can help prevent leaves from bruising.   Tip#2 Store bananas aware from apples. Bananas emit an odorless gas called ethylene gas that can cause apples to ripen faster.     Tip#3 Keep ripe tomatoes…
April 9, 2020

How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs (and what to do with them!)

Is there anything better than cracking a hard-boiled egg and removing the peel in just 2 perfect pieces, then finding the yolk bright orangey-yellow and delightfully soft? No, we argue there is not. Which is why we want you to know how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg yourself so you can experience this joy over and over again! Instant…
April 7, 2020