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Medical Group Fitness is what we are known for! This unique approach to fitness uses exercise as treatment to help you become physically fit and healthy within the context of a chronic health condition or injury. Each of our programs utilizes research-based curricula for targeted health outcomes. We hire only the most qualified instructors and limit class capacity in order to ensure a personalized fitness experience. Examples of our Medical Group Fitness classes include:

  • Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Exercise for Osteoporosis
  • Pilates for Pelvic Floor
  • Yoga for Balance & Mobility
  • Balance & Mobility (aquatic and land-based options)
  • Strength & Mobility
  • Cardiac Step & Spin Options
  • Exercise for Osteoarthritis
  • Exercise for Weight Management
  • Yoga for Restoration & Recovery

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St. Jude Wellness Center is the only hospital-based certified medical fitness center in the state of California.

Supervised Group Fitness

Supervised Group Fitness classes offer a space to safely and effectively continue your rehabilitation exercises independently. Rather than formal instruction, certified trainers are available to monitor safety, form and progress within an intimate group setting. Participants get the attention of a personal trainer while continuing on their journey toward recovery. Examples of Supervised Group Fitness include Post-Therapy Pool and Post-Cardiac Rehab Gym. Referral from an appropriate provider is required.


Medical Group Fitness requires initial assessment prior to enrollment. Call us to book your assessment!