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Girl Scout Cookie Parfait

It's that time of year! Are Girl Scout cookies healthy for you? No. But you knew that already. Let's find ways to indulge in ways that will still nourish our bodies and keep blood sugar in check (like adding more protein and fiber to sugar!)
March 1, 2024

Avocado Pudding

You will never reach for a pudding pack again! This dessert is so decadent and it's one of our faves for controlling blood sugar with all the healthy fat from the avocado.
February 9, 2024

Shamrock Pudding

We love the minty burst of freshness in this dessert and we really love that the avocado and coconut mean no blood sugar spikes for this dessert! Vitamin C & fiber are featured here too for a nutrient-dense sweet treat!
March 20, 2023