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At St. Jude Wellness Center, we believe in consistent education and practice of essential wellness skills in order to build a healthy lifestyle that works for you. Our team creates courses and workshops to cover a broad range of topics that can seamlessly build upon each other. We encourage you to enroll in multiple modules and workshops, or even repeat them to strengthen your wellness foundation!

Comprehensive Cohorts

These program are offered several time throughout the year for management of specific conditions.

  • This one of a kind program is designed to give pregnant mamas a safe and supportive environment for movement, mindfulness and birth prep. Our doula and prenatal yoga therapist have partnered to created this comprehensive mini-series of just 4 sessions so that tired, busy moms do not have to commit to extended memberships, but can also repeat throughout pregnancy as needed. Must be at least 12 weeks to participate for safety of mom and baby.
  • Program includes:
    • Two birth prep session with a doula
    • Two prenatal yoga sessions with a yoga instructor
    • Materials and resources
  • Click here for more information or join our next series in the calendar to the right.

Online Learning Modules

Our online learning modules include videos, worksheets and resources for you to learn about a wellness topic at your own pace. For a minimal fee, each module gives unlimited access so you can learn, apply and re-learn from the knowledge of our experts.

Optimal Blood Sugar, Optimal Health: $15. This course is a 101 user-guide to utilizing a continuous glucose monitor for optimal health. This course is intended for those who wish to use blood sugar data to improve overall health, not for those who have a brand new diagnosis of diabetes with a brand new monitor. NOTE: you must purchase a continuous glucose monitor separately from this program. Some product discounts are available within the module.

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Upcoming Programs & Workshops