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At St. Jude Wellness Center, we believe in consistent education and practice of essential wellness skills in order to build a healthy lifestyle that works for you. Our team creates courses and workshops to cover a broad range of topics that can seamlessly build upon each other. We encourage you to enroll in multiple modules and workshops, or even repeat them to strengthen your wellness foundation!

COVID Recovery Program

Our online program is a self-paced online video program focused on breath work, nutrition and movement geared toward known long-hauler symptoms of COVID, as well as reducing metabolic risk, which can enhance COVID long-term symptoms. When you purchase the program for $25 you receive:

  • Access to our private showcase of over 50 videos, all short and simple, with exercises for breath work, nutrition and functional movement. 
  • Access to resources, recipes & guides all within our program calendar. We have also recently added a Supplement Guide.
  • 15% discount on a 5-pack of breath or nutrition private coaching sessions
  • To enroll, click here or call us at 714-578-8770


Upcoming Programs & Workshops

Monday 12/11 – Friday 12/15: $10 off any one service or workshop! Contact us to get your discount!