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Spring Seasonal Eating

Spring is just around the corner so it's time to look at foods grown in this beautiful blossoming season! The Importance of Eating Seasonally Seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresher, taste better, and are more nutritious than when eaten out of season. Yes, nowadays you can find more foods year round, but eating them when they are at their peak…
March 1, 2019

Anxiety Baking – Creative Processing or Health Sabotaging?

An article came out recently in The Atlantic discussing a not-so-new phenomenon of baking in response to anxiety. According the article, baking is a creative process so it allows us to take a step back from stress, be mindful and let our inner joyful child go play. One could even categorize it as a type of moving meditation for those…
January 25, 2019

Vegetable Highlight: Broccoli!

Broccoli always seems to be the go-to example of icky green vegetables that your mother made you eat. One reason so many of us had broccoli on our plates growing up is that it is actually an incredibly affordable vegetable that can feed a lot of hungry family members. Another is that our moms were right: they really are good…
January 18, 2019

4 Ways to Take Hold of What You Want This Year

Identify your limiting patterns and take some time to recognize your limiting beliefs. I am all for realism, however daily I hear a lot of made up limiting beliefs, such as “I could never get down to a size 8” or "I could never go back to school” or “I could never do a 5k or 10k- I can’t even…
January 4, 2019

2019 Healthy Food Trends: Love it or Leave it?

The 2019 healthy food trends are in! Everywhere you look there are new products and trend forecasts, but which ones are actually healthy and which ones are just really good at marketing (remember our talk on ‘healthwashing’)? Here’s my Love It or Leave It assessment on the 2019 healthy food forecast as well as some of our favorite up and…
December 28, 2018

30 Nutritious & Delicious Snacks for 2019

Did you know the average American eats an additional 1,300 calories per week minimum from snacks alone!? That’s like consuming enough food for 8 days over the course of 7 days! What’s worse is the majority of snack calories come from processed foods that are extremely high in sugars, refined oils and artificial or chemical ingredients. With all this excess,…
December 27, 2018


You deserve to make the most of your life. In order to nourish and develop the sources of happiness for yourself and others, it takes strength, clear intentions, and persistent effort. It does not take writing a wish list on a piece of paper and not considering that list again until the end of the following December. Here at St.…
December 27, 2018

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