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Why not give gifts that enhance the health and wellness of your loved ones this year? From stocking stuffers to splurges, we’ve rounded up our favorite wellness items to help check off your gift list!

  • Massage Therapy Balls. Whether you are spot treating with the tune up balls or deep tissue rolling with the alpha, these therapy balls are the best tool for self-massage and can go with you anywhere! Plus you can bring them with you to your monthly Saturday sessions with Holli here at the Wellness Center 🙂
  • Therapeutic Massage Mat. Think acupressure meets heat therapy meets meditation and you will get the idea of these restorative mats. While pricey, there are various set options at lower costs and this is a very high quality product.
  • Wellness Center Gift Certificates. Sorry, but we had to do a shameless plug here! We argue there is no better gift 🙂
  • Handheld Milk Frother. Turn any homemade coffee or tea into a decadent latte with this super affordable trinket.
  • Microplane. You know how our dietitians love citrus zest! Tons of flavor AND nutrition! Make it easy to add zest to your dishes with this nifty item.
  • Sparkling Water System. This brand is pricier than others, but made of higher quality, more sustainable materials. It will cut that La Croix spending in half too!
  • Wax Candles. Wax & oils only, no added fragrances or airborne toxins. We love everything from this brand but their new candles are especially delightful.
  • Resistance Bands. From home workouts to your Medical Group Fitness classes, these bands are great for adding resistance to your movement.
  • Water Bottle. This bottle has a straw AND a sip lip, stays cold forever and comes in fun colors! They just dropped their zoo animal color line and we are in love!


*We have no affiliations with the products or companies above. We just really like them!