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Every year around the end of Spring, we send all of our clients a feedback survey and invite your candid feedback in how we are doing, where we can improve and why you choose St. Jude Wellness Center for your wellness needs. We know you are getting asked for feedback from every business interaction you have out in the community and that survey fatigue is very real, so we do not take this survey lightly. Our team discusses the questions and how we will use responses for months before launching because we want to be able to effectively strategize the coming year based on the desires and needs of those we serve.

Here is an overview of what you told us in last year’s survey and what we were able to accomplish based on your feedback:

  1. The large majority of you told us that the primary reason you choose St. Jude Wellness Center is due to the highly qualified staff that you trust. We are honored by that distinction and have worked harder this past year to provide even more opportunities for continued education, trainings & certifications for our team, including access to an online database of continuing education for the fitness team; training sessions offered on exercise for Parkinson’s disease, Osteoporosis, and Diastasis Recti; and more massage therapists certified in Myofascial treatment.
  2. In the topic of fitness, most of your concerns were in the areas of mobility, balance and functional movement. We increased the number of Balance & Mobility classes, added a Balance H2O class and perhaps most excitingly, launched our Basic Fitness Membership. Basic Membership offers not only access to Open Gym, but also access to mind-body classes such as Tai Chi, various modalities of Yoga, and Line Dance Fitness, which are all known to enhance functional mobility. We also added this Basic Membership into our other monthly fitness memberships.
  3. While 62% of you said that ‘costs at the Wellness Center are fair,’ the highest ranking barrier to accessing wellness services was cost. This response was the primary reason for making the new Basic Membership free for those with insurance-based fitness programs and very low cost or even drop in for those without. We have also actively made changes elsewhere in our programming in order to preventĀ  increases in cost of services and even reduced costs of workshops such as sound bath and breath as therapy to less than $30 per session.
  4. The top requested services for us to offer were facials, stretch therapy and restorative workshops, so we launched every single one! Our esthetician Martina is an expert at holistic skincare and now offers facials every Tuesday, massage therapist Joseph now dedicates every Thursday specifically to Therapeutic Stretch appointments, and both Dolly & Natasha offer a variety of breath work, yoga and yoga therapy workshops every single month.
  5. Education was a high priority but you were all divided in wanting to have workshops and lectures taught online vs. in person so we continue to offer both. Our Nutrition for Aging workshop at the start of the year literally maxed out the auditorium and our top viewed recorded webinar was that on Lifestyle for a Healthy Brain. We continue to offer community education for free and all recordings can be caught on our video page.

Some other great things that happened last year that were not part of our survey but that we are very proud of as they improve your experience at the Wellness Center:


There is still so much we want to do to create the perfect space for our community’s wellness. We look forward to your feedback in this year’s survey and we thank you for being part of St. Jude Wellness Center!

Click here to give your feedback in the 2024 Client Feedback Survey