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Yoga Props for the Best Yoga Experience

The great thing about yoga is that you can do it just about anywhere and don’t need anything other than a comfy spot on the floor! A few good props, however, can turn a basic yoga session into a incredible one! Props can help you modify a pose for an injury or physical barrier, can help you achieve a more beneficial posture & can assist even the most experienced yogis in reaching a deeper, more restorative stretch. Our yoga instructors weigh in on her favorite yoga props and where to find them!

Yoga Mat

Your Foundation

Look for the grip quality and thickness for your yoga mat- if it is too slippery it will not be as efficient to practice on.

Our Favorite: Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Yoga Blocks

Your Scaffolding

Having a variety of blocks can be really helpful but the main thing to look for is firmness. Cork blocks are the most sturdy of all and will be able to support during poses that require more scaffolding and are weight bearing. Firm foam blocks are also another great option because they are light but sturdy enough to be supportive. Soft foam blocks are not recommended unless they are used for restorative or non-weight bearing poses.

Our Favorite: Firm Blocks or Real Cork Blocks

Yoga Blanket

Your Throne

The difference between a yoga blanket or any other blanket is that it is usually a certain thickness, size and bulkiness so it is a firm support to sit on or roll up and always holds its shape. Make sure your blanket has these qualities so it can make for a good surface for your practice.

Our: Benevolence Yoga Blanket

Yoga Strap

Your Binding

Contrary to what can be found everywhere when it comes to yoga straps are the type capped with a D-ring on each end. Steer clear of these because they are very cumbersome to work with during practice. What is more efficient is a side release buckle strap that will make using this strap during practice quick and easy. Any other strap will take a long time to lace in and out instead of moving on with ease.

Our Favorite: Kakaos Buckle Strap

See you on the mat!