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Have you heard about Reiki? The St. Jude Wellness Center’s integrative lifestyle approach offers Reiki as a restorative healing modality alongside massage, health coaching, personal training, and medical fitness. You can also take a Reiki training workshop as part of the educational wellness programs available with a certified Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher.

Reiki is a Japanese bio-field energy therapy used in complementary medicine to reduce pain, decrease anxiety, boost immune function, and enhance feelings of positivity and well-being. Reiki means “universal life force energy” and is based on the belief that there is an unseen energy that flows through all living things.  Reiki is administered through gentle touch, with the hands placed on or held gently above the body. Once the session begins, the energy flows through their hands to the client and can be experienced as a sensation of soothing warmth and deep relaxation. Reiki is used all over the world, including in hospitals and medical centers.

There is ongoing research being done on the benefits of Reiki. However, it is classified as a complimentary therapy and does not take the place of medical treatment. Reiki does not have any harmful effects, so it may be worth a try if you are looking for another method of stress reduction and restorative healing.

Reiki takes three degrees or levels of training to become a Master/ Teacher, and all three levels “attune” you to the degree of energy that Reiki practitioners can use for their lifetime. The first degree is considered entry-level training and is a wonderful way to introduce self-treatment as a part of your daily wellness practice.  Levels two and three teach additional techniques including the ability to train and attune others. Reiki healing sessions and Reiki training workshops are taught by Brandi Holloway, RN MSN, and Palliative Care Supervisor at St. Jude Medical Center. She has been a trained Reiki Master for over twenty years and incorporates aspects of Reiki healing into her personal and professional practice. We also have several yoga instructors with Reiki Level 1 & 2 backgrounds who can perform Reiki during your yoga or breathwork sessions.

Watch this short clip to see what Reiki looks like!