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Weight loss is hard, but keeping it off can feel nearly impossible. That’s why St. Jude Wellness Center’s R.E.A.C.H. Program was created with a compassionate, realistic, approach not just to weight loss, but to maintaining your happy, healthy, and optimal weight. While a wide variety of solutions may be at arms’ reach delivering rapid results, such as weight loss drugs, fad diets, rapid weight loss programs, and commercialized programs, our solution is a hands-on approach to addressing the true complexity of weight management issues. The uniqueness of our program comes from our multidisciplinary team of experts delivering evidenced based care while integrating our five pillars of wellness philosophy:

Real, Nourishing Food: Our food-focused registered dietitian is trained in culinary nutrition and will help you to create a sustainable eating plan by showing you how delicious and fulfilling real food can be.

Movement Matters: Our highly trained fitness specialists will work closely with you to create a long-term exercise plan that fits your body’s unique needs.

Psychological Wellness: Our licensed psychotherapist will help to uncover any psychological components that may have hindered your past weight loss efforts.

Relaxation & Self Compassion: Managing chronic stress is vital to achieving a happy healthy weight.  Our team assists you with tools and daily self-care practices to support both weight loss and lifestyle wellness.

Accountability & Connection: Isolation can often compromise our weight loss efforts.  REACH gives you an instant access to your team of experts when life gets tough, while fostering safe connections with your weight loss community.

Your Program Experience includes:

  • Weight management navigation session to help you set dietary and behavioral goals for your weight loss journey.
  •  Fitness assessment with a personal trainer to set up your exercise plan and goals.
  •  Monthly coaching session with our registered dietitian or our licensed psychotherapist.
  •  Monthly body composition analysis checks.
  •  Twice a month group education classes focused on behavior change and hands-on approach to eating.
  •  Unlimited access to group fitness classes and gym.
  •  Special access to online video and resources.
  •  20% off all other wellness services.

Fee: $100 initial evaluation fee + 6 month commitment for $95/month

For more information, or to enroll call: (714) 578-8770.