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sacred sunday

Sacred Sunday – September 14


  1. There is no workshop this coming Monday. How will you spend that hour on bettering yourself ?  self-care, exercise, food prep?
  2. Reminder that the website is up and running and full of resources for you! Spend some time getting familiar with that is on there and utilize all it has to offer!
  3. You can get your Inbody measurement with any of the trainers on the gym floor or with your coaches at your monthly meeting. You do not need to make an appointment for these.

Calendar Review:

Megan is hosting a birthday party at her house this weekend so she has to do some serious organizing to make sure the week that follows is still successful and health promoting. She has decided on a simple BBQ for the party of burgers and lots and lots and LOTS of veggie side dishes! As long as she’s making it all, she is going to make double batches of all the side so that leftovers can be easily packed up for lunches to start the week. Yes this will take her more meal prep time than usual, but throwing a party always takes up lots of prep time so she figures it’s more like double-tasking  She also has already scheduled herself into a late morning yoga class Sunday after the party for self-care as well as all of her workout classes Monday thru Wednesday so she has no excuse to bail after the weekends shenanigans!

Heather heads out to Canada on Thursday Morning for Lullemon Seawheeze where she will be completing her 7th half marathon. One day is dedicated to yoga the next is the Run and the remainder of her time in Vancouver she will use to shop J  She recently discovered  it is likely to rain so she is making sure she does not injure herself and takes the necessary precautions. She has used sprouts and got her airplane snack of nuts & seeds, chickpeas,  apple butters and protein bars as well as set up activities for the Schwartz husband and children.


Lateral (sideways) band walks:

Using a mini band (ask one of us trainers/floor attendants!), place above the knee. Bending the knees and the hips, take a step sideways. Step in with the other foot, making sure not to come closer than 5inches away from your other foot, and take another step. Do 10 steps to the right, then 10 steps to the left.

Do 3 sets of 10 steps, with 45 seconds of rest 2x a week!

Meal prep (staff meal prep spotlight  Heather)

Breakfasts I adore are  the premade  Egg cups with spinach  from the REACH book and overnight oats using quest p. powder, blueberries and almonds.





Full disclosure* Salads bore me unless I am going out to eat . At home for lunches & dinners I will often  stick to my favorite cut up veggies- I love mushrooms, peppers, bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes, jicama and cucumbers. I use a veggie or black  bean  crumble sautéed with miso ( no oil)  and red onions. Sometimes I will fill peppers with that mixture. I use liquid aminos as a sauce &  Sometimes  low fat humus on the side. I also crockpot a vegan chili on Sunday evenings. I do diced tomatoes and beans, garlic, ( insert your fav low-fat chili here)  and portion those out. They are also great for snacks and super filling.







I love snacks and my life gets super busy so I need to make sure my  go to’s  are nutritious power houses that can sustain my active lifestyle.

I love yogurt and up to a afew weeks ago I would only use unsweetened non fat Greek however I am enjoying these guys – protein rich sweetened with stevia and  portioned out J also egg whites or full eggs depending on your nutritional/ caloric needs.

Although I love almond butter and these Justin’s portioned out packs I do not endorse palm oil (which they unfortunately contain)  so although these are readily available and I love the idea of this snack, pls opt for the third picture in this sequence that are also pre-portioned but contain no palm oil )( Sprouts)






Everyday snacks look a lot like this…






While hardcore training snacks look a lot like…







For now I am sticking with lemon cake tea and these energy muffin balls ( REACH work BOOK)




Items I love and that we typically keep on hand include…






Recharge Mental Health & Self Care

Play! When was the last time you played outside  did something creative or childlike? What would that look like? This weekend find time to leave your phone and PLAY!

This week’s Weekly Intention

Take three deep breaths, write down the things that get you excited? When are you your most playful, happy, creative. Excited? Write them down and see if you can’t do more of these things that are life giving!