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sacred sunday

Sacred Sunday – October 5


Would you benefit from some extra peer accountability? Then get an “Accountabuddy”! Email if you would like to be paired up with another REACH member and keep each other accountable! Don’t forget to check out our website for more healthy tips & find us on  Facebook and  Instagram . .

Calendar Review

Megan is trying something kind of new this month and is going to participate in a soup exchange! She has buddied up with 2 of her friends with whom she shares similar nutrition goals and family health needs. They will all make HUGE batches of a different soup over the weekend, divvy it up into 3 containers and will meet up to swap! This way batch cooking is somewhat easier by following only one recipe, but each family gets three different meals! We might eat them that week and we might freeze some for later-who knows! This could be a great idea for some of you in REACH-perhaps with your new Accountabuddy! Or perhaps you could team up with some coworkers and each one be in charge of a lunch one day each week? Share your experiences if you give this type of Meal Swap a try!

Heather is signed up for Thanksgiving 5 K with her little Turkeys- who else is doing it ? This week the Schwartz home is also experimenting with riced cauliflower trying out different dessert options including protein brownies and  Cauliflower rice pudding- I’ll keep y’all posted on how it turns out. I also have two late nights a week which means meal planning two dinners in  addition to the regular lunches so we are using our crockpot more especially as the weather cools a bit .

Exercise: 10 Ways to get 10,00 steps  #No Excuses


Instead of standing/waiting/talking/watching TV (Netflix binging), pace the room at the same time. When there’s a commercial break, do some marches or stretch. Instead of fast forwarding commercials on your DVR, get the body moving during this time frame.


Vacuum, wash your car, do your laundry standing and put the laundry away.


Walk one item from the machine to the clothes line at a time (you’ll be surprised how many steps this can add!)

Phone Calls

Make sure to take the call on your mobile so you can walk and talk. One 30-minute phone is worth more than 1,800 steps. Use hands-free speakers and you’ll be amazed how many steps add up!

Coffee Dates

Instead of sitting in a cafe, make them a walking date.

Play at the Park

While the kids play, you can walk the perimeter, or add a swing set work out!

Take an Extra Lap

Before you hit the check-out line at the grocery store, walk through the aisles one more tim At a rate of 67 steps per minute, grocery shopping might buy you as many as 600 steps— you probably forgot something anyway!


Park in the furthest spot from the shops, instead of the closest.

Avoid Escalators & Elevators

There don’t seem to be as many stairs anymore, but if there are, find them and use them!

Don’t Hit Send

Before you fire off that e-mail to your coworker who sits down the hall, consider the fact th you’ll earn 61 steps per minute if you walk over to talk to her!

Meal Prep

Do you need to do a Reset? There are many reasons we encouraged you all to start this program on a 2-week Reset, and one of those reasons is so you always have a simple meal plan to come back to when life has gotten a little scattered and your goals have possibly not been #1 priority. If you have been in REACH for a few months now and are facing some “diet fatigue” or if you had a weekend of celebrations and need to get back on track, then a 2-week Reset is great idea! We also highly encourage you to do 1-2 weeks of the Reset throughout this upcoming holiday season to stay on track and motivated in between those big festivities. So grab your workbooks, select some recipes (which should be familiar by now) and Reset your meal plan!

Recharge Mental Health & Self Care

So You think you Can’t Meditate!

“If you hear a voice within you saying, “You are not a painter, ” then by all means PAINT, and that  voice will be silenced, but only by your working” – Vincent Van Gogh

Many have this belief that they are “bad” at something or could never do something such as meditating however; if you can count to 10 you can meditate  – simple as that.

As you sit in a quiet space, breathing normally, count each out-breath. When you get to 10, start again at 1

When you realize you are on 27 or that you have stopped counting all together, start again at 1.

Counting your exhalations gives your mind something tangible  to focus on, which can assist with the “Am I doing this right”

To really make this practice fool proof set a timer for five minutes so that you don’t need  to wonder how much longer…

Remember there is no change without the challenge!