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sacred sunday

Sacred Sunday – October 12

Calendar Review

Megan: Is trying to plan ahead for the holidays, I am looking for healthier alternatives to some of the typical family favorites. Every year I try to introduce something new, whether it is a completely new recipe or possibly just a slight modification of a dish we typically have. This has become somewhat of a tradition in itself and family members often look forward to what surprise dish will be on the table at holiday gatherings. In fact, it has even prompted others to try new ways of making their own contributions! It’s ok to start new traditions and be the person who inspires change! Some recipes I will be looking for and experimenting with over the next few weeks are veggie-based stuffing, alternative gravy, cinnamon rolls and egg nog. The key is to EXPERIMENT! Have fun playing in the kitchen and bring your most delicious discovery to share with others!

Heather is scheduling holiday plans and holiday crafting with her boys. As promised… Here is the riced cauliflower dessert that got pretty high marks at the Schwartz house. I used almond milk in this one and let the flavors chill in the fridge overnight  ( very similar to overnight oats) and I PROMISE it didn’t’ taste like a veggie at all 

Prior to the holiday busyness we are clearing out some cutter- what areas of our environment could use some care this weekend?

Exercise: Local ways to get active

Sign up for some fun moving adventure movement walk, skip, run or crawl just move.

Pumpkin 5k                Saturday Nov 3rd

Turkey trot               Thursday Nov 22 (Thanksgiving morning) 11/22

Reindeer Romp        Saturday December 1st 12/1

Christmas run           Saturday Dec 15th

Meal Prep

Here’s your Recipe Roundup for the week! New recipes that are 100% compliant with your weight loss goals!

Recharge Mental Health & Self-care– What are you wearing? – Holiday edition

As a woman I ( Heather)  am motivated by fashion and I’d like to say out loud it is not a shallow goal to have in mind what you would like to wear at holiday events. Holiday fashion should include zippers and snaps and mostly fitted / tailored items not just because we are celebrating the female ( or male form) but because it’s really easy not to tell your gaining weight  in yoga pants all holiday season. Scroll through Pinterest or magazines and get a vision on what you would like to look like, feel like during these events. Pull out some items from your closet that have been previously too tight and see if any of those might work. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a couple months at your significant others holiday party, or a cocktail party,  thanksgiving, at new years in whatever you’d like to wear! You deserve to not feel self-conscious – you deserve to feel beautiful and handsome, and comfortable in your skin!

This week’s intention

Take three deep breaths, and remind yourself that your goals do not have to be put on hold during the holiday season.  Be proud of yourself! We are proud of you!