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sacred sunday

Sacred Sunday-August 31

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Welcome to August 31st, 2018 Sacred Sunday we hope you had an amazing week!

Reminders if you have not met with Heather or Megan yet or if it’s time to schedule your monthly coaching session please reach out to us so that we can get you scheduled

Personal Calendar Review

This coming Monday is Labor Day and the wellness center is closed. Please note we will NOT be meeting for REACH workshop until Monday September 10.

Exercise Appointments

Hotel Helps- with many people fitting in their last vacations we thought we’d pass along some HOTEL HELPS for no excuses while you’re are on holiday!

Most hotels now have a fitness center. They have basic cardio equipment such as treadmills, elliptical, and basic machines which are very similar to the ones we have at St. Jude Wellness. Check out their website to see what kind of equipment they have then you can make a plan or shoot Bryan or Christine an email for suggestions.


Christine –

Meal Prep

With the school year starting, a new fall season approaching and summer trips coming to an end, many of us are experiencing schedule and routine shifts. It’s time to get organized and really focus in on meal planning this month. Below are some quick and easy ideas for snacks or mini meals to pack with you on trips, in your car, in your purse or in your pockets so you are never caught unprepared without a healthy food option. Utilize the meal planning template attached to start planning your meals and be on the lookout for more meal prep ideas and contests all month long!

  • Protein powder packs: you can buy individual packs of Garden of Life MEAL and just add almond milk (tastes best with fruit too, but will do the job). You can also put the powder you currently use into Ziploc baggies for ready to go smoothies.
  • Other brands with ready-to-mix protein powder packs: Kura, Vital Proteins, Sun Warrior
  • Variety of nuts and seeds (great for snacking as well as toppings for higher carb continental breakfast items like oatmeal and yogurt)
  • Ready to Drink Protein Shakes: Orgain Clean Protein, Iconic Protein Drink, Koia
  • Protein Bars: Garden of Life WEIGHT LOSS bar or Orgain Protein Bar
  • Homemade energy balls
  • Individual almond butter packs (Justins, Artisana, Barneys)
  • Homemade oatmeal-chia baggies: put dry ingredients for chia pudding or overnight chia oats in baggies with1  scoop protein powder and simply add hot water or milk at your destination.
  • Dry-roasted chickpeas/edamame/broad beans (Brami Lupini Beans, Saffron Road, Simply Balanced, The Good Bean, Bienna, Enlightened)
  • Veggies: carrots, mini bell peppers, baby tomatoes do well without refrigeration
  • Dehydrated veggies
  • Dried fruit
  • Cuties
  • Baby bell cheese
  • Unsweetened, grass-fed jerky (Epic, Country Archer, Nick’s Sticks)
  • Buy an electric frother for smoothie making on the go

Recharge Mental Health & Self Care


I love fall…. always have. There’s something about the dying off of things that no longer give life and the anticipation of budding newness that stirs me! In this season our hope is that you dig into your transformation, TAKE THE LIMITS OFF and remove that which no longer serves you! Attached is our class sheet and we would love it if you would pick a new class (even if it’s terrifying) and try it. Maybe you only do 20 min of the class, maybe you move slow, maybe you’ll surprise yourself. Maybe you’ve tried and thought this wasn’t for you, let’s try it again. Tell the instructor you’re new, it’s your first time and be kind to yourself. Please remember “it’s never too late to be who you might have been”

This week’s Weekly Intention will look different than previous weeks

Take three deep breaths, write down your most advantageous crazy goals you’ve ever had. Go back to school? Run a marathon? Change careers? Go on a trip? Start a blog or podcast? Write a book? I don’t care how crazy it sounds write them all down and just as you would ruminate on your weekly intention refer back to these goals/ dreams daily. Next week we will see which ones rise to the top and if it’s possible to make an action plan on any of them. TAKE YOUR LIMITS OFF!


Start a stress management practice that feels right for you

We know that mediation and imagery is new to  so many but start small with deep breathing and  if you’d like – try this five minute  stress reduction Guided Mindfulness Meditation.



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