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sacred sunday

Sacred Sunday-August 3

Welcome to August 3rd, 2018 Sacred Sunday we hope you had an amazing week!

Personal Calendar Review

This coming Monday is REACH workshop at 5:30 in the auditorium.

Megan: Megan has family houseguests from Wednesday thru Sunday! Yikes! Talk about a wrench in the works! Since fitness, yoga and healthy meals are non-negotiable, these just have to have a bit more planning up front. Mornings workouts will be slightly earlier in order to have some breakfast items prepared and 30 minutes of lunch time is now written in the schedule as walking time. Sunday will involve much more meal prep than usual to make the week seamless and Thursday night they will cater salads from Urban Plates so Megan can still go to evening yoga.

Heather: is in back to school mode with her littles (20 days of summer left.)  This weekend is dedicated to looking at the next four months and what is needed to create a happy and healthy fall 2018. I’ve asked both my kids to write out their favorite foods so we can rotate their healthy meals and snacks with things they enjoy (while always trying new things.) I am also setting up tutoring an amending some schedules so that everyone gets to where they need to be and mama keeps her incline training on point.

Exercise Appointments

Do you have a Fitbit, Garmin or anything that can track your steps well? If not it’s time to make the purchase!  Challenge yourself to get 500 more daily steps than your average from last week! Check your steps in the early evening so you have time to get them in before bed! As we move into fall are their things you need to shift to keep your goals on track?

Meal Prep

Try putting all of your lunches together for the week on Sunday. When you are too tired at night to prep and running out the door in the morning, you will be SO thankful you have a container ready to go! One of our favorite ways to prep is mason jar salads! Buy 5 quart size jars, fill them up according to the guidelines we have attached for you and your Recommended Foods List from your workbook. Simply shake when ready to eat and dive into your healthy, tasty (and oh-so adorable) mason jar lunch!

Recharge Mental Health & Self Care

The difficulty of saying No.

I had a day last week were I (Heather) bit off more than I could chew! I should have said no to two requests instead I acquiesced and paid the price- a hurried day, half the workout I wanted and general lack of satisfaction as I completed the day.

One of the reasons awareness of your calendar and schedule is so imperative is so you can be absolutely aware of your commitments, and how valuable your precious time is. Then, when someone asks you to dedicate some of your time to a new commitment, you’ll know if you can or simply cannot.

Know your priorities. Even if you do have some extra time (which for many of us is rare), is this new commitment really the way you want to spend that time? For myself, as former PTA VP I know many school requests will be asked of me and I also know which commitments I  have  the bandwidth for and which ones I simply am unable to assist with. Saying yes always means sang no to something else so be sure your schedule lines up with your priorities.

Weekly Intention

  • Take three deep breaths.
  • As you become present ask yourself one or all of these questions “what is my desire for this week? What do I most want to happen in this coming week? How do I want to feel as I go about my days? What do I most want to accomplish in support of my personal and professional goals?”
  • As the answers develop write down what comes to mind, choose a word, a phrase or a sentence that describes your highest intention.

Such as: Saying No sets appropriate boundaries and might also inspire others, I am  honest, I am  real, I am  kind, I will remind myself that  NO is a complete sentence,  I am letting go of negativity, I am becoming strong, healthy & whole, I have all that I need to be successful and happy.