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sacred sunday

Sacred Sunday-August 24

Welcome to August 24th, 2018 Sacred Sunday we hope you had an amazing week!

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Personal Calendar Review

This coming Monday is a NOT a REACH workshop so please plan what activity to further your goals you will engage in.

This weekend Heather is doing batch cooking and freezing a lot of meals and soups as she has some late nights ahead. She is also attending some celebrations that include dinning out and has looked at the menus beforehand to choose choices that support her best self and her training.

Megan finds herself at the beach this weekend for a family reunion that won’t get her home until late Sunday night…meaning, zero time for meal prep! But never fear! Due to always looking ahead on Sacred Sundays, she saw this coming and has prepared accordingly. On her latest trip to Costco, she bought and froze the Roasted Tomato Curry with Kale & Chickpeas as well as the Chicken Tomato Stew. When she gets home Sunday night she will defrost these and swing by the store on the way home Monday for some easy bags of salad greens. No sweat! #noexcuses

Exercise Appointments

This week’s exercise week 2

Modified :30 plank

On the large table, start on your forearms and knees. Have your body make a straight line from your head to your tailbone. Hold for :30 or as long as you are able to. Rest for no longer than 5 seconds if you can’t hold and get right back up until a full :30 is completed.

Once you are comfortable and able to do 30 seconds, increase time to :40

Do 3 sets of 30 seconds, with 45 seconds of rest in between, 2x per week!

Meal prep

Have you tried using Mason jars for meal prep yet? Not only are they ADORABLE, but they are also super convenient for layering salads! Not into salads? Simply ditch the greens and add a savory sauce instead of dressing for a DIY casserole that you heat to eat! Check out the attached DIY Mason Jar Meal Guide for an easy “how-to” and get take your packed meals to the next level!

Recharge Mental Health & Self Care

Diet Fatigue

The truth is losing weight can be exhausting and the pressure to stay on track can cause tension. At this point some are feeling deprived , bored and “over it”  we must honor our fatigue but also press through . You get out of any program what you put in so dig in and remind yourself of your “whys” and that


When managing diet fatigue; read inspiring stories, watch documentaries and stories that motivate you, reach out to your support people, mix up your routine, create a vision board, and celebrate your milestones especially  non scale victories such as pant/ dress sizes and mobility!

Weekly Intention

Take three deep breaths •  As you become present ask yourself one or all of these questions “what is my desire for this week? What do I most want to happen in this coming week? How do I want to feel as I go about my days? What do I most want to accomplish in support of my personal and professional goals?”

As the answers develop write down what comes to mind, choose a word, a phrase or a sentence that describes your highest intention.

Such as:  I will accomplish my goals, I will ask  for help when needed, My environment is calm and centered, I am committed, I am disciplined, I will remain consistent, I will get up when I fall, I am powerful!


Pack a gym bag and leave it in your car!