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sacred sunday

Sacred Sunday-August 17

Welcome to August 17th, 2018 Sacred Sunday we hope you had an amazing week!

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Personal Calendar Review

This coming Monday is a REACH workshop at 5:30 pm in the auditorium. Try your best to make it as we will be talking about stress and weight and how to create your bad day tool kit!

Heather is cementing her fall schedule as her kiddos return to school this Wednesday. Hydration remains a priority as she continues long runs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays introducing negative splits. Meal prep is of peak priority and both Megan and Heather will be sharing what their meal prep strategies looks like this coming Wellness Wednesday.

With school starting for Megan’s teacher-husband this upcoming week, Megan is brainstorming dinners that will make lots of leftovers since that is the easiest way to help her hubby get through the stressful first week without making herself crazy with extra meal prep! The crockpot will likely become her best ally along with 10 minute wind-down yoga sessions in the evenings to ensure restful sleep.

Exercise Appointments

Bryan will be giving you some new exercises this week is;

“Week 1- TRX Squat

Grab the handle and walk back until your arms are straight with a little bit of tension on the strap. Set your feet shoulder width apart. Sit back like your sitting on a chair and bend the knees as much as you can with all of your weight on your heels. Push through the heels and stand back up.

If you have any questions about any of these exercises, ask one of our trainers/floor attendants and they will help you out!”

Meal Prep

With school creating schedule changes for many of you, let’s stick with the theme of consistency this week and pick one item for breakfast, lunch and snacks to make prep nice and easy. Eliminating decisions means consistent eating routine as schedules adjust.

Breakfast: let’s stick with smoothies this week shall we? Put all of your ingredients in baggies so all you do in the morning is add liquid, blend and go!

Lunch: Mason jar salads! Starting from the bottom of the jar, add dressing, protein, then greens and other toppings. Make enough for the week, shake and eat!

Snacks: either hard-boiled eggs with cucumbers or Blueberry Energy Bites from your book. Done and done.

Recharge Mental Health & Self Care


When we look at long term health CONSISTANCY really is the key! Persistence will get you to your goal but it is the discipline of consistency that will keep you there. In a world of quick fixes and instant gratification even when results are slow KEEP AT IT! Choose consistency and it has the power to transform you!

Weekly Intention

Take three deep breaths. As you become present ask yourself one or all of these questions “what is my desire for this week? What do I most want to happen in this coming week? How do I want to feel as I go about my days? What do I most want to accomplish in support of my personal and professional goals?”

As the answers develop write down what comes to mind, choose a word, a phrase or a sentence that describes your highest intention.

Such as:  My environment is calm and centered, I am committed, I am disciplined, I will remain consistent, I will get up when I fall, I am powerful!