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sacred sunday

Sacred Sunday-August 10

Welcome to August 10th, 2018 Sacred Sunday we hope you had an amazing week!

Personal Calendar Review

Announcements: two six week series will be starting soon Psychology of eating and Nutrition RX please contact us if you are interested.

This coming Monday is NOT a REACH workshop we recommend an activity that keeps you active but also keeps you cool. Can you find a pool nearby?

Megan has been trying to find workouts that involve indoor air conditioning in this crazy heat! Instead of her normal routine of outdoor cardio + standard yoga classes and 1-2 days of circuit work, she has scheduled for herself: 2 vigorous vinyasa flows + 2 standard + 2 indoor spin classes + circuit work at home so she can do it in the cooler early morning hours. She has been into smoothies and salads in this current weather. (Think easy prep and no cooking necessary!) See below for pictures of her prepared meals for the week!

Heather is staying on marathon training but only indoors as the air quality is quite terrible. Hydration has been of paramount concern in the Schwartz house so we have implemented our water rules.  (A happy water check list on the fridge.) We continue to set up our life for the next fall season.

Exercise Appointments

Questions to ask yourself when you are working out

Posture check at every workout. Example: Is your chest up, shoulders back and neck neutral?

Am I standing tall and breathing thru the nose and exhaling during execution?

Am I fully aware of the muscle group I am targeting?

Am I constantly looking at my phone to check for emails, messages or on fb?

Do not use phone while doing cardio/ you will tend to look down and put stress on your neck.

Meal Prep

A new sample meal plan has arrived!! See attached for a week of ideas using some workbook recipes and some newbies! Use some of Megan’s meal prep ideas in the photos above get prepared and make this a super COOL week.

Recharge Mental Health & Self Care

If you were at the last REACH workshop Megan not only educated on label reading but also wanted you to take a kitchen inventory. I LOVE this exercise as clearing out what no longer serves you and embracing who you are becoming starts to manifest even in your environmental surroundings.

Did you know that Clutter is often described as unmade decisions?   Clutter in any form causes our senses to work overtime signaling our work is never done making it tremendously difficult to truly relax & recharge. As Fall approaches and as you take inventory of what your kitchen needs are take a look around and see what areas in your environment need purging.

Do not however go buy fancy bins and colorful boxes for storage that will work short term and treat a symptom. Start by eliminating the built-up of excessive stuff and through awareness of who you are and are becoming follow up by a personalized ongoing organizational system that stops “stuff” from accumulating. This two-part remedy takes time and energy but can be most beneficial in creating the environment that promotes wellness!

Weekly Intention

Take three deep breaths.

As you become present ask yourself one or all of these questions “what is my desire for this week? What do I most want to happen in this coming week? How do I want to feel as I go about my days? What do I most want to accomplish in support of my personal and professional goals?”

As the answers develop write down what comes to mind, choose a word, a phrase or a sentence that describes your highest intention.

Such as:  My environment is calm and centered, I am emotionally connected, I am free over worry, I am at peace with who I  am becoming, I am  letting go of negativity, I am  beautiful on many levels, I am becoming strong, healthy & whole, I have all that I need to be successful and happy, I am loved and known.