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Hearty Autumn Stew

Hello comfort food! This dish will nourish body and soul. The pumpkin adds a hint of autumn too. Be sure to batch cook this one and freeze extras for later!
August 29, 2018

6 Easy Sauces

Sauces on this handout include: Thai Red Curry Peanut Cilantro Ginger Jalapeno Coconut Turmeric Ginger Sweet Teriyaki Green Goddess Tahini Turmeric Download recipes >
August 29, 2018

Chocolate Protein Mini Muffins

These would be so dangerous if they weren’t also incredibly nourishing! These mini muffins are a crowd pleaser for preschoolers through grandparents (plus your pancreas will thank you for the low glycemic input!)
August 29, 2018

Mini Protein Pancakes

Make them mini or make them huge, either way these pancakes are delicious and won’t send you into a blood sugar roller coaster! We used plain collagen protein powder since it is so smooth but feel free to mess around with your own favorite protein powder.
August 29, 2018

Mini Meatloaves

How cute are these!? These are great additions to lunch boxes or to a tapas-style meal and the added veggies are a bonus boost of nutrition for a balanced bite!
August 29, 2018

Creamy Miso Slaw

So crazy easy to make that you only need to look at the recipe once! We love that the creaminess comes from Greek yogurt for a protein and probiotic boost!
August 14, 2018