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1. How much does this program cost?

  • $95/month + $100 assessment fee, for a 6-month commitment.

2. What is included in my membership?

  • REACH members-only workbook
  • Initial assessment with dietitian to create your unique meal plan
  • Initial coaching session with psychotherapist to create your unique emotional wellness plan
  • Initial personal training assessment to create your unique fitness plan
  • Monthly coaching sessions with dietitian (RD) or psychotherapist (LMFT). We will partner with you to identify your best fit coach based on your goals and needs.
  • Group support sessions every other week with RD or LMFT
  • Full access to the Wellness Center’s gym and group fitness classes
  • Special access to online portal of resources
  • Special access to weekly Sacred Sunday emails
  • 20% off all other services purchased during your membership.
  • LIMITED TIME FEATURE: Special access to video messaging app to connect with your coach

3. Why is there a $100 assessment fee?

  • This is to cover all three initial coaching assessments that are provided in your first month as a REACH member (RD, LMFT, trainer)

4. I am a St. Jude employee. Do I get a discount?

  • Please inquire about employee discount. Discounts do not extend to family members.

5. How long is the program?

  • We ask that you sign a 6 month contract. Many members choose to renew/continue after their first 6 months.

6. Can I pause my contract if I have surgery or go on vacation?

  • Vacation Account Freeze Option: Members may request a temporary hold for freezing an account up to 2 calendar months. There is a service fee of $25 for each freeze request, and requests must be submitted by email of in writing (freeze account form) at least 3 business days in advance of your billing cycle date.
  • For medical reasons, we require a note signed off by your physician indicating the reasons why you cannot participate in the program. However, we do strongly suggest that clients continue to work with us as program goals (fitness, nutritional) can be adjusted to your needs and we do not recommend a break in your plan to ensure the long term success of your weight loss goals.

7. When is the billing cycle?

  • Your credit card will be charged on the first of every month. Your first payment may be prorated depending on when you sign up.

8. Can I pay by check?

  • Membership dues paid by check must be received by the 1st of every month. Otherwise, they will be subject to late fee of $25.

9. Can I pay in full for a discount?

  • Unfortunately we do not offer an incentive discount to pay for 6 months in full.

10. What if I don’t like the program? Is there a refund policy?

  • New members have 3 business days to receive a full refund without penalty. However, if any services are rendered, the client is responsible for the full payment of $100 (initial assessment fee) and the cancellation fee of $95. The remaining 5 months’ dues will be fully refunded.

11. Can I order food here?

  • We do not offer meal replacements or food on site since we encourage real food preparation and consumption. However, we do offer a list of approved convenience food items that can be easily purchased at nearby markets. This will be covered in your workbook.

12. Will I have to track my food/food journal?

  • Yes. According to the National Weight Control Registry, an important component of successful weight loss and maintenance is tracking your food intake. We ask that you track not only food, but all of your goals to keep yourself accountable and help your coaches identify where you may need some additional support.
  • You may track on paper, via photos, on an app…whatever makes sense to you! We will provide you with a template paper tracker as well as our favorite tracking apps.

13. What is NOT included in the program?

  • Massage, small group training, additional personal training, 6-week Lifestyle series and 8-week Specialized Group programs are not included in the REACH membership. However, as an active REACH member, you have access to all of these services can be purchased with your 20% off discount.

14. What if I want another personal training?

  • Many clients want follow up training sessions with our highly specialized team of personal trainers in either 1:1, duet, trio or small group sessions. You may purchase any of these with your 20% off REACH discount.

15. Can my kids join? If so, what is the age requirement?

  • We would love to have your kids work out in the gym and utilize any one-on-one services, such as health coaching, massage and personal training. The minimum age required to use our facility and services is 13.
  • However, since health guidelines can often look very different for adults compared to children, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 into the REACH program. That said, we highly encourage you to discuss, model and implement whatever you learn from the REACH program with your entire family! We reserve the right to use our discretion to assess the appropriateness of your minor child’s ability to enroll in this program.

16. I have back pain/allergies/disabilities etc. Can I join?

  • Of course! The unique differences in each client’s health history is exactly why the REACH program sets you up with so many individual coaching sessions so that you can create nutrition, fitness and psychological plans that address your own circumstances and needs.

17. What if I haven’t worked out in a really long time?

  • We have a variety of fitness classes for this very reason. REACH members have access to a weight loss circuit class designed specifically as an introduction to this type of high intensity fitness. All of our instructors are highly trained to be able to help you adapt any workout or class to your physical abilities.
  • This is also exactly why you will meet with a personal trainer to begin your REACH membership in order to assess your abilities and needs and create a fitness plan that you can succeed with.

18. Can I use the pool?

  • Unfortunately our pool is for therapy/rehab purposes only.

19. The coaches said I can access them when I need to. How does this work?

  • There are multiple ways to connect with your coach outside of your monthly sessions and group classes. Email is one of the best ways to reach them and they guarantee a response within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • You will also receive weekly Sacred Sunday emails from your coach and are encouraged to participate in the activities that they send you.
  • Another excellent way to connect with your coach is through the Marco Polo app. This free app sends video messages so that you can receive real time messages from your coaches as well as send them your own clips of questions when you are cooking, shopping or working out!

20. What is the difference between this program and other memberships/lifestyle series?

  • REACH is a 6-month program focused on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through multiple venues of accountability.
  • The Lifestyle 365 series are all 6-week class series on a variety of wellness topics that do not necessarily focus solely on weight loss.
  • Our other memberships are 12-month contracts that help you to achieve whatever health goal you may have, which may not be weight-related. These memberships are also more independent with less group and coaching accountability and are therefore great choices once you have achieved your happy, healthy, and optimal weight.

21. What is in the welcome email?

  • Your welcome email will include an introduction to your REACH team with their contact information, your schedule of classes, a recipe and an affirmation to get you started and other logistical program information.

22. What is in the workbook?

  • Your REACH workbook includes goal pages for nutrition, fitness and emotional wellness. It also includes tips for getting started in each of these areas, a sample meal plan, recipes and a sample tracker page.

23. What is the Sacred Sunday email?

  • Your Sacred Sunday email will come to your inbox each weekend and will be a short guide from your coaches on getting grounded and ready for the week ahead. Planning out your weekly goals, affirmations, meals and to-do list will help you to create a new lifestyle routine and stick to your goals on a regular basis.
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  • When you are ready to sign up, click both links below to complete your registration paperwork.
  • Once paperwork is submitted, a wellness coach will contact you to schedule your first navigation appointment.