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Protect Our Oceans And Earth By Decreasing Use Of Plastic

A common awareness campaign this month is Plastic-Free July. Plastic is one of the most harmful wastes we poison our earth with. Many animals both in oceans and on land are also affected negatively by our plastic overuse. In order to protect our home and the animals we share it with, we should try to both recycle and reduce our plastic waste. Even small changes can have big impacts if done consistently. Below are some of our favorite ways to start reducing the amount of plastic you use on a regular basis: 

  • Use stainless steel, bamboo or silicone reusable straws, napkins & utensils. This straw folds up into a nifty container so you are never without a straw again! 
  • Use reusable bottles for all beverages. Many coffee shops will even give you small discounts for bringing your own coffee mug! 
  • Use reusable grocery bags any time you shop, not just at the grocery store!
  • Store food in glass or silicone reusable containers. This includes packing lunches. See if you can go a week without using a Ziploc!
  • Go to farmers markets to limit food in plastic containers and utilize vendors who let you refill your own containers and jars for cleaning and hygiene supplies.
  • Transition from Amazon purchases to either local stores or the Package Free Shop.
  • Cycle through party decorations or swap decor with friends. Whenever possible, avoid plastic plates and balloons at parties. 
  • Make loose leaf tea instead of using tea bags 
  • Shop for food in bulk and use your own containers for the food.

For more ideas on how to participate in Plastic-Free July visit