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Let’s talk collagen!  Collagen is a protein that’s found in our joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles, and for those interested in keeping a youthful appearance – our skin!  It’s a major structural protein, and its production decreases as we age – especially with risk factors such as exposure to the sun, smoking, excess alcohol, poor quality sleep, and lack of exercise.

Collagen can be eaten in our diet either through food or supplements.

Foods that contain collagen includes poultry, beef, pork, fish, eggs, dairy, legumes, soy, bone broth, and gelatin along with vitamin C to help with its absorption such as fruits, berries, leafy greens, and colorful vegetables.

If you don’t think you’re eating enough collagen or if you have any degenerative conditions in bones or tissue, you can easily add collagen powder in these 5 tasty ways:

  1. Smoothies: add one serving to make a protein-rich smoothie!
  2. Oatmeal or Chia Pudding: mix one serving into your oatmeal and you won’t even notice it.
  3. Coffee: trust us and invest in a hand-held electric blender (they’re only $10) to whip some collagen right into your morning joe (or mocha for those of us chocolate lovers!)
  4. Soup: if you have a creamy bowl of soup, add one serving of collagen powder and stir it right in!
  5. Melted Chocolate: have a sweet craving? Add one serving to melted chocolate before drizzling over yogurt or strawberries.