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Chimichurri Recipe & 20 Ways to Use it!

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good sauce. Sauces turn the most basic ingredients from boring to extraordinary!  I mean, where would mac and cheese be without the sauce? Just mac, that’s where! But today I am not talking about mac and cheese. Today is the day for chimichurri, which is arguably my favorite sauce of all time. And here’s why:

It Has Amazing Health Benefits

With the toxin-binding capacity of cilantro and parsley, the antioxidant load of the herbs and citrus, and some powerfully sulfurous garlic, chimichurri supports all your major organs, your immune system and your detox pathways. Combine these mega-nutrients with a high quality oil to slow down digestion and you’ve got yourself some powerful blood sugar control too!

It is SO Easy & Adaptable

Chimichurri is literally a chop, mix and walk away dish. No need for fancy appliances or dirtying all the kitchen utensils. Just stir the basic ingredients together and let the flavors blend and enhance one another. It can be made ahead of time too so that you have flavor to enhance any meal throughout the week! One you get the basic formula down, you can adapt it any way you like! Swap out the cilantro for basil for more of a pesto sauce, use lime instead of lemon for more of a southwestern zip, or use fresh chopped chili pepper for an ever spicier flair! You could even try pureeing it all up with some tahini for a thicker, more creamy variation! The sky is the limit!


Enough talking! I’m going to let this bad boy speak for itself!

20 Ways to Use Chimichurri

  1. Sauce on any meat: skirt steak, pork chops and chicken breast are my personal faves
  2. Sauce on light fish, like mahi mahi or cod
  3. Use instead of salsa on tacos
  4. Spoon onto roasted veggies: I love it on zucchini or root veggies like parsnip and sweet potato)
  5. Use instead of sour cream on a baked potato
  6. Mix into meatballs or burger patties
  7. Top black bean burgers
  8. Mix with garbanzo or black beans for a quick side dish
  9. Use as your salad dressing
  10. Use as your pasta sauce (especially tasty when swapping basil instead of cilantro!)
  11. Stir into veggie-based soups
  12. Use as pizza sauce
  13. Puree with chickpeas or tahini for a hummus alternative to use as a veggie dip, top crackers or spread on baked chicken breasts
  14. Mix with chorizo and eggs
  15. Serve as a dip with chicken tenders
  16. Roast on tomatoes and top with some feta cheese for a yummy snack, side or appetizer
  17. Serve with little toasts topped with roasted bell peppers for a pretty appetizer crostini
  18. Stir into quinoa, wild rice or cauliflower rice to jazz up your side dish
  19. Mix into your tuna instead of mayo
  20. Drizzle over grilled romaine for the best summer dish ever!


Bonus reason I love chimichurri: It’s fun to say! Ch-chimichurri!