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Getting to Know Our External AND Internal Environments

Getting to Know Our External AND Internal Environments This week marks the new month of April. In transitioning to Spring, April often brings a mixture of rain and sunshine, with both warm and cool temperatures that enhance our awareness of nature and our environment. We celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd to give attention to the needs of our physical…
March 29, 2021

31 New Foods to Try!

31 New Food to Try This Month! March is National Nutrition Month so here are 31 foods to try and a fun recipe for each one! Try a new food every day or maybe a few new foods every weekend! Either way, have fun with your food and show us all your new creations by tagging us on Facebook &…
March 1, 2021

Yoga Props for the Best Yoga Experience

Yoga Props for the Best Yoga Experience The great thing about yoga is that you can do it just about anywhere and don't need anything other than a comfy spot on the floor! A few good props, however, can turn a basic yoga session into a incredible one! Props can help you modify a pose for an injury or physical…
February 22, 2021

Red Food Recipes

Red Food Recipes Love is still in the air and here are three red food recipes to inspire you to try something new and support your heart health! If you try any of these recipes, don't forget to tag us @stjudewellnesscenter A Bed of Red (Serves 4 – 5) Ingredients: Salad   2 bunches of red lettuce leaf, torn  …
February 15, 2021

Welcome to February!

We’ve made it to a new month and we have a ton in store for you! This month’s theme is self-care and self-love. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day responsibilities and taking care of others. In February, we are taking the time to show ourselves some love and allow ourselves to be priorities.  Additionally, be…
February 1, 2021

Adding Joy into Everyday Routines

We set the intention of adding more joy to our lives at the beginning of this month, but the joy doesn’t stop just because January is ending! This week, we want to focus on incorporating joy into our routines so that we can keep it going all year long.  We asked around, and these are some favorite joyful additions that…
January 25, 2021

January Checking In

January Checking In  How are you doing? No really, how are you doing? We’re a bit over halfway through the first month of the year! After the magic of the new year and holidays have gone, we’re all checking in with ourselves to see how we’re doing.    If you’re doing great on your goals… Tell us, what’s working best…
January 19, 2021
Family meals, family recipesblogMeals

Family Meals

Family Meals Food is fuel, but food is also culture, connection, and comfort. Sharing meals with loved ones (even if it needs to be virtual right now) is a great way to add joy to your cooking routine.  These are three recipes that go great with good conversation and lots of love. The recipes are open for interpretation (as all…
January 12, 2021
oatmeal, recipes, oatmeal monthblogBreakfast

4 Sweet and Savory Oatmeal Recipes

Oatmeal The holidays are over, but a warm, comforting breakfast is exactly what we want on our menu! January is also National Oatmeal Month, so to celebrate we’ve pulled together 4 unique oatmeal recipes.  Oatmeal is a great, filling breakfast that’s high in fiber and can easily be jazzed up to your liking. If you try out any of the…
January 6, 2021
new year, wellness, resolutions, joyful januaryblog

Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year! The past year has been full of growth, reflection, and resilience. As we move into the new year, we are looking forward to finding ways to add joy into our lives.  Many resolutions heavily focus on cutting things out. While removing things and habits that no longer serve you certainly has a place, this year we want…
January 1, 2021