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We set the intention of adding more joy to our lives at the beginning of this month, but the joy doesn’t stop just because January is ending! This week, we want to focus on incorporating joy into our routines so that we can keep it going all year long. 

We asked around, and these are some favorite joyful additions that you may want to work into your own daily routines. 

1. Shake it off

This is a great tool first thing in the morning or when you feel an afternoon slump coming on! Put on your favorite song while you get ready and dance it out freely with no judgment. We get caught up in routine and to-do lists, it’s nice to take some time to be silly. Not big on dancing? Just do a full-body shake for a few seconds.

2. Set an intention

How would you like to show up today? Powerful? Loving? Confident? Take a second to concentrate on your intention for the day. You can do this at the beginning of the day, but don’t forget you can set an intention and switch up your day at any point!

3. Connect

Catch up with someone you love. Take the time to really listen to how they’re doing and practice vulnerability and share how you’re really doing. Celebrate the big and the little wins together and have peace knowing that you’re not alone during the harder parts of life. 

Starting next month, we’re going to be adding a special surprise to help you connect with loved ones in a fun way! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to hear the announcement!

4. Stretch it out

Wind down for the night with a good stretch or yoga session. Sitting at a computer or being on your feet all day can have a major effect on your body. Take some time to stretch it out and relax before bed. If you’re looking for a great yoga session, check out our virtual wellness membership and gain access to tons of great videos on demand! 

5. Brain dump

If you have trouble shutting down your brain after a long day, this tip is for you. It’s a great way to clear out the day and reserve tomorrow’s problems for tomorrow. 

Before getting into bed, grab a notebook and something to write with. Set a timer for five to ten minutes. Just let yourself write freely for those minutes without judgment, without editing, and without overthinking. Let yourself get out all of your thoughts on the day and worries for tomorrow onto the page. When the time stops, stop. Close the notebook and know that everything in there will be there for you tomorrow, but right now you don’t need to concentrate on it.