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6 Tips to Keep Your Produce Lasting Longer

Tip#1 Store leafy greens in a container lined with paper towels. Paper towels will help absorb excess moisture that can cause spoilage, while the structured container can help prevent leaves from bruising.


Tip#2 Store bananas aware from apples. Bananas emit an odorless gas called ethylene gas that can cause apples to ripen faster.



Tip#3 Keep ripe tomatoes at room temperature. Cooler temperature like those found in the refrigerator can result in flavor loss and undesirable texture changes.




Tip #4 Store potatoes and onions separately. Gases emitted from onions can actually cause potatoes to sprout sooner.




Tip#5 Do not wash fresh berries until you are ready to eat them. Excess moisture can cause them to grow mold.



Tip #6 Keep unripe avocados on the counter. Once they have reach a desirable ripeness move them to the produce drawer in the fridge to significantly slow further ripening.



By: Jasmine El Nabli, RD