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Whether you take your picnic basket to a park or a beach, or simply lay a blanket down in your own backyard, eating al fresco has a multitude of benefits. Enhance your vitamin D, breathe in fresh air, disconnect from indoor lighting & technology, and ground to the earth while mindfully enjoying some of our favorite picnic dishes, featuring the plants that likely surround you as you munch!

  1. No Nuts Protein Balls
  2. Greek Layer Dip (Dare we suggest making your own Cassava Chips to go along with these?)
  3. Creamy Miso Slaw
  4. Cold Soba Salad
  5. Garlic Ginger Cucumbers

BONUS: We need something fun to drink along with all these tasty foods right? You will love the sparkly sweetness of these Goji Berry Sparklers!


As long as you’re eating outdoors in some grass, give our Park Circuit Exercise a try!