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31 New Food to Try This Month!

March is National Nutrition Month so here are 31 foods to try and a fun recipe for each one! Try a new food every day or maybe a few new foods every weekend! Either way, have fun with your food and show us all your new creations by tagging us on Facebook & Instagram!


  1. Beets! We know they pair well with goat cheese, but what about blending them into your favorite morning smoothie for an AM jolt of energy!?


  1. Jicama! A bit of effort to get the peel off, but we argue it time well spent for this delicious snack!


  1. Parsnips! Looks like a carrot but tastes more like a potato? Must be time for parsnip fries!


  1. Buckwheat! Despite the name, there’s no actual wheat or gluten at all! We love swapping them in for oats in your favorite morning cereal recipe for more fiber and minerals!


  1. Mung Beans! Tiny like lentils, these protein powerhouses work well to swap into most dals and curries!


  1. Dragonfruit! Honestly, you don’t need a recipe for these. Just eat them – they’re delicious.


  1. Avocados! You may already love them, but we bet you haven’t had them paired with chocolate yet!


  1. Golden Kiwi! Because green kiwis are so last year.


  1. Tigernut Flour! A new kid on the block in the alternative flour world, this fiber will give you tons of fiber and micronutrients while still providing baked goods with a pretty darn good rise! Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Muffins? Yes please!


  1. Carrots! We know, we know – nothing new. But we’re pretty sure this is a new method you haven’t tried!


  1. Amaranth! Just as high in protein and fiber as quinoa but turns creamy when cooked for a whole new take on porridge or grits!


  1. Chickpea Flour! Pancakes that are high in fiber AND protein with a simple flour swap? Count us in!


  1. Butter Beans! Creamy and delicious, these may become your new favorite legume!


  1. Canned Salmon! Time to give your tuna sandwich an upgrade!


  1. Dandelion Greens! If they can grow out of concrete, you KNOW these are strong plants full of powerful nutrients! Swap them into this Pesto instead of arugula for a nutrient-dense flavor boost!


  1. Cassava Flour! You know them in their root veggie form, but have you tried them as part of these easy homemade tortilla chips?


  1. Balsamic Vinegar! Ok ok, not really a food. But this severely underestimated condiment can jazz up any boring side dish or even dessert!


  1. Sheep Yogurt! Way more tolerable for those with slight lactose intolerance and also way more protein! Thick, creamy and delicious!


  1. Asoafoetida Powder (or Hing)! If you’re a garlic lover, but it just doesn’t love you back, try this low FODMAP alternative.


  1. Squash Blossoms! Stop! Do not throw away these flowery off-cuts! They are just as edible as the squash and arguably much cuter!


  1. Lupini Beans! No recipe required! Just buy these convenient little packs and immediately improve your snack game!


  1. Hearts of Palm! Low carb and a yummy smooth texture, we love these easy-to-store canned veggies!


  1. Powdered Mushrooms (reishi, chaga, Lion’s mane…)!. A little mushroom powder can go a long way for immune health!


  1. Kale! Not exactly new, but we love a good kale chip, especially one flavored like pizza!


  1. Tempeh! Tofu’s close cousin! We love the chewiness and nuttiness tempeh brings to the table!


  1. Shishito Peppers! Sometimes called “Roulette Peppers” because you never know when you’ll get a spicy one!


  1. Turmeric! You’ve heard of its anti-inflammatory properties by now, but have you actually tried it yet? Whip up this tonic to give your immune system a hug.


  1. Fennel! Makes for a deliciously sweet alternative to onions!


  1. Goji Berries! These pretty little berries usually come dried and are crazy high in antioxidants! Try this Goji Berry Sparkler from our COVID Recovery Program!


  1. Sauerkraut or Kimchi! Ditch the probiotic capsule and eat just 1 tablespoon of this fermented cabbage dish every day for an equally powerful dose of healthy gut bacteria! Add a little to a simple taco slaw and you’ll never even know it’s in there!


  1. Hemp Seeds! Do not underestimate the nutritional power of these itty bitty seeds! They may look like bird seed but they should have a place on your own plate too!