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From smoky, to spicy to sweet mango, there is a salsa out there for everyone. But why limit yourself to plain ol’ chips & dip? Try one of these tasty uses for salsa to take your meals up a notch and treat your tastebuds to a salsa dance!

  1. Salad Dressing. Clearly taco salad comes to mind here, but don’t underestimate the power of a mild pico de gallo or a sweet salsa to jazz up any salad, even one that is not fiesta-themed.
  2. Topping for Fish, Chicken or Beef. This mango salsa is out go-to on top of mild grilled or roasted fish like Mahi Mahi. Chipotle salsa and salsa verde varieties are also excellent on top of cooked chicken breast or flank steak.
  3. Charcuterie Board. A creamy cheese like brie or goat topped with a smoky or sweet salsa and some apples or crackers and tapas are served.
  4. Make a Better Burger. This southwestern combo is amazing.
  5. Change Up Your Pasta Sauce. Swap out your traditional pasta sauce for a basic tomato salsa or go half and half for a spicy kick to your original.
  6. Try a Southwestern Style Shakshuka. Simply replace tomato sauce with your favorite salsa and suddenly your Mediterranean brunch just went south of the border.
  7. Use as a Marinade. Salsa verde is our absolute favorite for this. Just use salsa verde instead of broth when simmering chicken and you will have the most moist and flavorful shredded chicken ever.
  8. Alt Canned Tomatoes. Pretty much anytime you see canned tomatoes in a recipe you can spice it up by replacing with salsa or pico de gallo. Use this technique with boring casseroles to rejuvenate them!
  9. Spice Up Your Hummus. Stir some pice de gallo into this black bean hummus and serve with raw or roasted mini bell peppers for the ultimate snack.
  10. Dare We Say Bloody Marys?