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St. Jude Wellness Center uses integrative lifestyle approaches to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you are coping with a chronic condition or are ready to take your preventive health to the next level, we will work with you to create a personalized wellness plan from our comprehensive range of programs, services and expertise.

Our expert staff are here to help you find a lifetime of better health.

To start your journey, call us at (714) 578-8770.

We offer personal training, medical & transitional fitness classes, and some independent fitness access in our gym. To learn more about our classes or various membership options, call us and schedule your free initial health assessment.

Call 714-578-8770 to Book Your Free Health Assessment!

St. Jude Wellness Center is the only hospital-based certified medical fitness center in the state of California.

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Latest News

Back to Basics: Building Stress Resilience

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In our faced-paced world of persistent connection, stress is unavoidable. Even decades before social media and cellphones though, stress was still unavoidable. We as humans have never known a time without stress and there are many experts who also tout the benefits of some stress in creating meaning and motivation in our lives. So stress is not always bad, and…

Back to Basics: Eating to Nourish

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When you can walk through the grocery store and find everything from fresh fruits and veggies to neon-colored double-stuffed Oreo cookies, it's no wonder we are all so confused about food. Add influencers from social media and a new study everyday showing contracting nutrition information, and most of us just choose to stop trying and just buy the easy-to-make items.…

Back to Basics: Fitness, Exercise & Functional Movement

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In the pursuit of wellness, we often find ourselves immersed in the latest trends and fads, seeing quick fixes and shortcuts because, let's be honest, we are human and we want results as quickly and easily as possible. Yet, amidst the noise of supplements and specialized workouts, we sometimes forget the fundamental principles that underpin true health and vitality. In…

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